Testing every stroke

Following months of extensive research, Hamilton discovered that a large sector of multi-skilled trades are looking for a range of high quality decorating tools to be more readily available to them…

A reputation that spans over 250 years can only be built upon expertise, confidence and continuous development. Hamilton have always advocated strenuous product testing, both in the laboratory and in the hands of real users.
  Innovation in paints and coatings, even more so in recent years, can mean that decorating tools that have stood the test of time, may need to be updated, alongside ongoing new product innovation.

Delivering on reputation

Hamilton’s product testing process begins quite early on, where development is driven by end-user insight, everyday requirements that could be fulfilled by the products in hand.
  Following extensive research and design, products are tested in automated settings, using a Tension Meter for example, to measure the force needed to pull out brush filaments. This ‘pull test’ is performed against competitor products on a regular basis to ensure standards are met for no filament loss.

  Hannah Jones, recently completed a testing project that took several weeks, comparing Hamilton products to others in the UK market.
  “We not only want to ensure that our Hamilton products perform as our users expect, but we also want to ensure they are outperforming comparable products too,” said Hannah, “This takes quite a lot of resource and investment, but is crucial in allowing us to build a range that delivers as is expected.”

Tried and tested

Automated technology is by no means the only reliable testing method employed regularly by Hamilton’s team, getting real users with products in hand is even more important.
The recent launch of their For the Trade range is a prime example of how testing recruitment allowed real users to get their hands on upcoming products and review how well they work and how comfortable they are to use, amongst other feedback.
This anecdotal user feedback allowed for final tweaks and any products to be added to the future pipeline, assurance products are more than suitable before they are launched into market.

Buy with confidence

Hamilton want their users to be able to choose and use their tools with confidence, and this continuous and controlled focus on user insight, testing and development should
give customers that peace of mind.