Eco-friendly surface protection

Axus Decor’s surface protection range features several unique, ecological products… Their Razor tapes are made using paper from highly renewable sources, such as the bark of the Japanese mulberry tree. These vibrant tapes can be left applied for up to a month, then peeled off easily to reveal straight paint lines and leave behind no residue. Mask-31 Pre-Taped Protective Paper, a huge time-saver and a must before spraying, is fully compostable, sustainable, and recyclable. The heavy Kraft paper resists tearing and stops paint from passing through onto the surface below. Gekoe is the ultimate in reusable floor protection, its machine-washable heavyweight composition and meticulous edge-hemming make it a pleasure to lay down, time and time again. It features a top layer that’s impermeable to liquids and a rubber-embossed bottom layer holds the sheet firmly in place.