Innovation from prep-to-finish

Axus S-Tex trousers and Gekoe floor protector

Axus Decor products cover every stage of decorating, with some stand-out innovations in each category, built upon feedback from thousands of decorators. Dress for the occasion with the S-Tex range of shorts, trousers and jackets. Garments include up to 19 utility pockets, triple-stitching in areas commonly prone to ripping, and extra comfort features such as elasticated waists.
  Protect your work area with the Gekoe Floor Gripping Paint Barrier Sheet, its rubber-embossed bottom layer holds the sheet firmly in place whilst an impermeable top layer stops paint from passing through. It’s easy to wipe down and get ready for the next job.

  Prepare the job and wash surfaces down with the dirt-collecting Trapp sponge, and then sand old coatings with Arystox ceramic abrasives. Ceramic grain has a microcrystalline ‘self-sharpening’ structure, so it cuts the surface rapidly and lasts an extremely long time. Any wall damage can be permanently repaired with the tough, lasting Q3 Filler for interiors or Marmaron for exteriors.

Arystox Sanding Blocks
Arystox Sanding Blocks

While there are many brushes and rollers on the market, Axus Decor has two notably unique products. The first is their lime series Wood Finishing mini roller that will deliver as close to a spray-finish as you can get by hand. The second is the Captain Chunk roller, which can hold twice the paint and get into rough exterior surfaces with ease. If wallpaper hanging is your thing, the Wallpaper Press and Perfect Tip Scissors are certainly worth looking at.