Northern exposure

Trusted in Scandinavia for more than 100 years, the GORI range of premium woodcare products is now available across the UK and Ireland. GORI has been developed by woodcare experts to ensure exterior wooden surfaces are protected for longer, with up to 15 years’ life. The range also comes in countless colours to help decorators make any customer’s vision a reality and features six products:

  • GORI 99 Extreme Opaque Wood Finish
    Penetrates deep into the wood for robust and durable protection against mould and fungus growth for up to 15 years.
  • GORI 88 Compact Opaque Wood Finish
    Opaque wood protection ideal for use on windows, doors and cladding, with Slow Release technology providing up to eight years’ life.
  • GORI 88 Compact Translucent Wood Stain
    Semi-transparent wood protection for windows, doors and cladding – again, with Slow Release technology and up to eight years’ life.
  • GORI 44+ Quick Dry Translucent Wood Stain
    Semi-transparent wood protection that enhances the natural structure of the wood and protects against UV-rays, fungi and mould
  • GORI 11 Wood Preservative
    Water-based wood coating that penetrates deep into the wood and offers extreme protection as a base coat for all wood finishes.
  • GORI 05 Express Decking Oil
    Prevents cracks, drying and decay, and protects against mould and fungi, while being suitable for use just one hour after application.