Get emotional over paint

Brewers have launched of an exclusive new paint colour collection, Emotions of Colour, from Ideal Home and Albany. This new partnership combines Ideal Home’s passion for interiors and Albany’s expertise and rich history of producing professional quality paint. The Emotions of Colour collection has been carefully curated by the team at Ideal Home to bring together five colour palettes, each based on an emotion and chosen for the feeling they evoke.

  • EMPOWERING Seize the moment with colours that wow. Strong, highly pigmented shades to add impact and drama.
  • GROUNDING Earthy shades to help you find your centre. A contemporary palette of natural colours that signify strength and stability.
  • COCOONING Wrap yourself in these comforting colours. Warm neutrals and earthy hues that envelop and nourish.
  • RELAXING Restful shades for a mindful moment. A harmonious blend of muted neutrals and chalky pastels to soothe and calm.
  • UPLIFTING (pictured) Colours that bring a hit of happiness. Clean, fresh shades for a mood-boosting indoor-outdoor feel.