Spray Plaster masking range added to tesa linup

Following the successful launch of tesa’s Paint Spraying range last year, the adhesive manufacturer has announced they are introducing a dedicated range of tapes specifically for Spraying Plaster, including the brand new tesa professional 4845 PE Plastering Tape

The new masking range, available from the start of May in most tesa stockists, is based on waterproof, hand tearable, cloth, PVC and tesa’s new environmentally friendly PE-backed tapes. Created with the need to withstand the thickness and heavy weight of spray plaster, these tapes can be applied on cold or damp brickwork and concrete, without compromising on a sharp finish.

Powerful & eco-friendly protection
The brand new tesa professional 4845 PE Plastering Tape is up to the challenges spray plaster presents, resisting both extreme cold or heat.   Not only can it be applied within a temperature range from -15 °C to +30 °C, but the PE tape stays securely in place between -40 °C to +60 °C. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications with a
12 week UV resistance.
  Alongside the great performance and robust protection, the PE backing of this tape has great environmental credentials:
• Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic that is environmentally friendly as it is recyclable and burns without leaving any residue.
• During the production of PE films, there are no unpleasant odours or wastewater. The use of raw materials, energy consumption in production, water consumption, weight and space requirements in landfills are lower with PE films than with comparable materials.

The cloth-backed tapes, including tesa professional 4363, have strong adhesives to ensure they stay reliably bonded to the rougher textures but can be removed without leaving residue or damage thanks to the UV resistance.

Large area overspray protection
The 2-in-1 tesa 4369 Easy Cover UV and tesa 4373 Easy Cover Extra Strong is ideal for protecting large areas from plaster overspray and reducing clean-up time. With strong cloth tapes to make sure they stay adhered to brickwork and concrete, and stronger films than for standard paint spraying, this duo can withstand the high pressures and heavy materials of the spray plaster application.
  Anthony Asparassa, tesa UK comments, “More decorators are expanding their services to include spray plastering due to its precision and low-waste credentials compared to a traditional plaster mix that can go hard once the bag has been opened.
  “The final paint application will only look flawless if the prepared surface is too, and these tapes and surface protection products are up to the heavy-duty materials used with spray plaster meaning decorators can complete jobs quicker by taking complete control of the process without having to wait for the ‘plasterer’ to move onto the next stages of decorating.”