Sponge clean only

Axus Décor now offer two new sponges with green credentials – the HD Sponge, made from 100% compostable, plant-based cellulose, and the Trapp™ Dirt Collecting Sponge. The cellulose fibres of the HD Sponge goes through a much less toxic manufacturing process and its organic nature means that it is also biodegradable. It’s designed to offer long life performance and has a structure that is suited to absorbing and holding a large amount of liquid. The Trapp Dirt Collecting Sponge is for preparing all types of surfaces prior to painting, removing stuck-on dirt from the substrate, holding it in and preventing the spread of contamination. Though designed for decorating tasks, it can also be used for general clean-up and its and the abrasive layer doesn’t scratch glass. The wrappers of both sponges are also plant-based and can be composted.