Portable power

Imagine going to the work site and having enough power for an entire day’s work, all bundled in the latest generation Systainer format. No longer is this the stuff of make-believe, thanks to the new SYS-PowerStation from Festool. Boasting 1500 watt-hours, a full 3680 watts of continuous power output and a top power output of up to 11,000 watts, the portable energy storage device delivers a reliable 230-volt mains voltage that lasts.

Used with the Planex long-reach sander and connected mobile dust extractor, which are also mains-operated, you could sand a 200 square-metre surface. The SYS-PowerStation puts an end to those cumbersome lengths and lengths of cable and the constant search for power sockets, keeping you supplied with power at all times wherever you go. Mains-operated power tools can be used more flexibly, effectively making them portable.
  The new SYS-PowerStation is also compact and portable, storing the equivalent of 20 battery packs. As such, it has enough energy for a full day’s work without charging, making users completely independent of sockets, site distribution boards or generators.

The SYS-PowerStation provides enough energy to power all mains-operated tools, even mobile dust extractors, large saws and hammer drills without any loss of performance – just like a standard 230 V electrical outlet module.
  In normal conditions, it takes three and a half hours to fully charge the battery. During this process, the intelligent charging management system adjusts the charging strategy depending on the current cell temperature. This minimises charging times while protecting the battery cells.

Designed to be as simple as possible, with an on/off switch, integrated LED charging indicator, power connections, and a USB-C port for quickly charging other portable devices such as tablets or smartphones, all on the front panel. A second on/off switch inside the Systainer prevents the device being accidentally switched on in transit.
  In contrast to its predecessor, the new SYS-PowerStation stands out for its zero-emissions operation. It is silent, and produces no harmful fumes when in use, making it better for your health and the environment, as well making it ideal for use indoors.

The portable energy supply also splash-proof (IP44), making it robust enough for use on building sites, so unpleasant surprises and work disruptions can now be a thing of the past: Every construction site job can be planned with certainty. Say goodbye to the time-consuming search for electricity, not to mention the hassle of pulling cables, the overloaded site distribution boards or problems with fuses switching off.
  Of course, the SYS-PowerStation also has all-round protection with Festool Service. Our “Full repair, free of charge” is included – fast, thorough and completely free for the first three years. The full warranty conditions can be found at www.festool.co.uk once the machine goes on sale from May 2021.