Speedy scaffold

WernerCo are aiming to make complicated and time-consuming scaffold structures a thing of the past with their new Youngman PAXTower. Equipped with a raft of timesaving and safety-enhancing new features, the new tower is fully compliant with the latest safety regulations. The ergonomic and sturdy design, in accordance with the latest EN1004 specification, ensures safe working at height at all times. To get started, users simply fold out the structure until it clicks into place, and when building the tower to higher levels, a specially designed slot-in spigot with interlock clips prevents tilting when connecting the end frames, enabling a smooth build. Its sturdy, flexible construction and quick assembly make the PAXTower the perfect for trade users. The PAXTower is available in two versions: Through the Trapdoor (3T) and Advanced Guardrail (AGR), with the option to build up to a platform height of 5.6m to 7.65m and loads of up to 208 kilograms. Stabilisers come as standard, as well as stabiliser extensions in the 5.6m version, alleviating the need for a second set of larger stabilisers and maximising ease of use, without sacrificing safety.