Handheld innovation

Axus Décor’s Onyx series consists of a wide array of innovative products that differ from what is on the market. Each one has been carefully developed to deal with the challenges that decorators face on a daily basis. The updated Wallpaper Press and Eddy paint mixer are recent additions, both made using high quality, durable and highly reusable materials, they are guaranteed to speed up your workflow. The Wallpaper Press has three functions: a seam roller for pressing down joints, an internal corner roller and an external corner roller. It comes with an elastomeric grip that minimises hand strain, complete with textured finger rests for extra slip resistance. It handles the messy nature of wallpaper paste due to its easy to clean material and rust-resistant metal parts. This product has recently been upgraded to include a removable, easy to clean, silicone skin which protects delicate wallpaper whilst resisting sliding. The Eddy paint mixer features hexagon shaped holes that are strategically positioned and sized perfectly in order to create the ideal turbulent flow that allows paint to be mixed evenly and rapidly. It also comes with a hook that rests nicely on a 5 litre paint can. Its complex structure means it doesn’t bow, even in viscous paint, and the handle features an ergonomic grip which prevents slipping and minimises hand strain.