The (adhesive) force is strong

OB1 Multi Surface Construction Sealant and Adhesive allows you to get the job done with just one product. It seals as well as it sticks, meaning you can rely on its performance. It can be applied to all metals, glass, mirror, polystyrene, fibreglass, plastics (excluding polypropylene and polyethylene) and wood – meaning whatever the job, OB1 is the answer. It can be used outside, in wet weather or underwater and it even works with saltwater. OB1 adhesive is UV stable, and will not weather. OB1 sealant is resistant to chemical and fungal attack and is food safe. It is uniquely flexible and does not shrink. It is also solvent and isocyanate free, producing very little VOC with an A+ emission rating. You can now see the diverse uses of OB1 in a video on the dedicated product website.