Pioneer Brush launch new Eco decorating tool range

Pioneer Brush are one of the World’s leading manufacturers of paint brushes, with an annual production of over 18 million paintbrushes going to over 20 countries. In the UK, they distribute products under the Spirit and Swift and Lightning brands.
  New to the range is Spirit Renaissance Eco, professional quality decorating tools incorporating eco materials that promote sustainability, recyclability, and biodegradability with trade quality products.
  Peter Samuel, the Managing Director at Pioneer Brush says, “The aim of this range is to answer the need across industry in general to think ‘green’ and to apply this to our product lines, but without compromising on the quality demanded by our core customer, the professional decorator.
  “In effect a range that uses eco materials but is not exclusively so, a step in the right direction”.

One of the key eco components used is bamboo. Bamboo is fast growing and sustainable, by first processing it into fibres and then using these or the cellulose from them and mixing these with recycled plastics, it can be converted into granules and injection moulded or spun into yarns to make roller fabric.

The injection moulded material has a very comfortable feel to it, being more like wood than plastic but completely crack resistant. The fabric, being made with organic material, has a high absorbency which gives excellent paint pick up.

Another material being made use of is recycled paper pulp. These make ideal paint trays when used with recycled or biodegradable tray inserts. They are strong and slip resistant and can be fully recycled again after use.
  Biodegradable film, the technology to transform starch from organic matter such as corn into plastic film, has existed for many years and is most often used in agriculture as polytunnels under which to grow produce. After harvesting the crop, the tunnel degrades into the soil completely, rather than breaking down into micro plastic.

This material is also easily adaptable for use as a dustsheet as it’s stretchable and water-proof, making it equal in performance to the more usually used polythene and can be extruded to multiple thicknesses. In order for the material to degrade it needs to be in moist and dark conditions, so will not disappear in use when painting!
  As the need to better utilise landfill increases each year, biodegradable products are very likely to increase in usage significantly and dustsheets are an obvious example of the kind of product that is ideal for this.

The range is being launched now throughout the UK.
For further information, please contact Pioneer Brush at or visit for more details about the company.