Stress less just masq

A high-quality and reliable masking solution is the most important preparation tool for a painter if they are to guarantee an exceptional finish on all their painting and decorating work. Using the correct masking tape or film is as important as choosing the best roller or brush to apply the paint.

Ciret Covermasq Gold

Ciret’s innovative new masking tape concept was designed to cover all of your masking needs with a range of tapes that are easy to navigate and use. Their masq tape solutions include Ultimate Painter’s Tape with a high tack for irregular surfaces and the Sensitive Painter’s Tape, which is ideal for particularly delicate surfaces such as freshly painted walls or wallpapers. The masq tapes are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, leaving perfect lines without residue. The range also includes two high quality masking films that help by covering large areas quickly and efficiently – the 2.7m length Covermasq is perfect for masking large areas especially when spraying.