Spraying gets even Easyier

Building on the success of their professional craftsmen product offering, tesa has announced the launch of a new paint spraying range which will include brand new tesa Easy Cover® products to provide all the essentials for spraying with confidence on both internal and external jobs.

The paint spraying preparation range, available from the end of October 2020, introduces the new Easy Cover® Outdoor UV, Easy Cover® Outdoor UV Extra Strong and Easy Cover® Precision Standard Paper, offering sprayers professional covering solutions to save time and money. Together with the already popular Precision Mask® tapes, Easy Cover® Precision, and the introduction of tesa 4836 Double Sided Masking Tape, tesa makes fast, efficient, and quality spraying possible without the risk of having to redo work.

Weather-resistant for external spraying
Masking and protecting large areas, especially outdoors can be a time-consuming job but, the new tesa Easy Cover® UV makes it simple. The two-in-one solution is a combination of a PE film and thicker outdoor tape that is UV resistant for up to two weeks. Ideal for outdoor spraying jobs to achieve a sharp paint edge, especially on rougher textures found in outdoor environments.
  For jobs with a longer time-frame, the new Outdoor UV Extra Strong is equipped with an eight week UV stable cloth masking tape and thicker foil, suitable for spray plaster and rendering.
Sprayers can complete their outdoor toolkit with 4440 Precision Mask® Outdoor. With a waterproofed base it can be used outdoors for up to 26 weeks, including on slightly rough surfaces while still delivering razor-sharp paint edges, even on challenging outdoor areas.

Smart indoor spraying solutions
Preparing for a spray job without imperfections indoors is made easy with the new tesa Easy Cover® Precision Standard Paper, which is ideal for masking skirting boards, windowsills, and door frames. The new two-in-one solution consists of a two week precision edge masking tape for razor-sharp edges and a strong, easy to handle paper that prevents accidental overspray. Available in 25m x 300mm or 25m x 180mm.
  The spraying range also includes the Easy Cover® Precision with residue-free removal for up to 6 months, the popular Precision Mask® for razor-sharp spray paint edges and tesa 4836 Double Sided Masking Tape that is ideal for keeping extra dust sheets in place.