Finish and protect your exterior wood

Have you ever painted a shed, fence, or summerhouse to then find the following year it’s already peeling and flaking? Leaving wood exposed to the weather can cause serious damage and reduce the overall longevity. Luckily there’s a perfect solution… Owatrol Shed & Fence Paint. Shed & Fence Paint is different to other paints onContinue reading “Finish and protect your exterior wood”

Come back Down to Earth

Created as a direct response from customer research, Rust-Oleum has launched its Down to Earth Collection including five new paint colours. Comprising of an olive green, terracotta and creamy neutral, the Down to Earth collection is available in Rust-Oleum’s full product range which includes Wall, Furniture, Interior Wood, Floor, Kitchen Cupboard and specialist paints forContinue reading “Come back Down to Earth”