New and improved fillers

A new and improved range of fillers has just launched at Brewers Decorator Centres. Building on the success of their own-branded fillers, Brewers have introduced four new products to coincide with improvements to their existing line. Waterproof Masonry Filler offers excellent adhesion indoors and out, and can be applied to damp substrates. It can repairContinue reading “New and improved fillers”

Stain it black

Ronseal Trade has added Ebony to its best-selling 10 Year Woodstain range, adding to the choice of existing satin finishes of Dark Oak, Deep Mahogany, Natural Oak, Teak and Walnut. The water-based formula is independently proven to protect from cracking, peeling, blistering and discolouration without the need for a base coat or primer. It alsoContinue reading “Stain it black”

Carries more than your clubs

Volkswagen has unveiled the latest generation of the Caddy in Düsseldorf. Based on the same platform as the Golf, it offers the latest engines and connectivity features. Initially there will be a choice of one petrol or three diesel engines, all of which comply with the Euro 6d emissions standards that will come into effectContinue reading “Carries more than your clubs”

Science not Solvents

You know the drill when it comes to stripping paint or cleaning surfaces before painting – mask, gloves, glasses and you still get light-headed from the fumes. Well not anymore. Trade Strip products use ‘science not solvents’ to remove paint and clean surfaces. Their range of water-based cleaners and paint removers prepare surfaces without usingContinue reading “Science not Solvents”

FAQ – The power of blogging

What’s the point of blogging? There are four main reasons blogs are good for your business.• It shows your expertise to potential clients.• It shows you’re helpful, giving away useful decorating tips.• It helps more people find your website so you get more enquiries.• It improves your site’s profile on search engines like Google. WhereContinue reading “FAQ – The power of blogging”

tesa launch two new spraying products

tesa has announced two additional core lines from the tesa EasyCover® range will be inclusied in a new spraying assortment, which will launch in all 177 stores Brewers Decorating Centres nationwide, tesa® Professional 4365 Easy Cover® Precision and tesa® Professional 4405 Easy Cover® Standard paper. For covering up larger areas, tesa® Professional 4365 Easy Cover®Continue reading “tesa launch two new spraying products”

The (adhesive) force is strong

OB1 Multi Surface Construction Sealant and Adhesive allows you to get the job done with just one product. It seals as well as it sticks, meaning you can rely on its performance. It can be applied to all metals, glass, mirror, polystyrene, fibreglass, plastics (excluding polypropylene and polyethylene) and wood – meaning whatever the job,Continue reading “The (adhesive) force is strong”